Get Smart About Your Heating And Cooling System With Horizon Services

15 Feb

When your home's heat pump begins giving you problems, turn to the experienced and professional team at Horizon Services for help. This expert team has served the heating and cooling industry for more than 35 years, providing top quality heating and cooling services to homeowners across the Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Maryland regions. Learn more about Heat Pump Services. The company offers reliable, high-quality heating and cooling equipment and maintenance. They provide a full range of expert mechanical engineering services including inspection and repair, as well as cleaning and upgrading heat pumps and refrigeration units. There are many types of heat pumps to choose from including copper, stainless steel, and wood-based pumps. Some are even solar powered!
The company offers efficient heating and cooling, including ductless air conditioners, wood and air conditioners, along with a complete HVAC system, including heat pump services. They can install a ductless air conditioning or a ducted air conditioner. They can also install a water source heat pump or an air source heat pump. They offer a complete service package to include ductwork, air ducts, water source heat pump, evaporator coil, condenser coil, expansion valve, furnace air ducts, return air control valve, electrical work, thermostat, and safety and detection systems. They can even offer emergency cooling and heating services.
If you're not sure what type of unit you need, contact the experts at Horizon Services for a custom quote. They have trained technicians that can evaluate your home, take measurements, and provide quotes on size, efficiency, as well as warranties and repair options. They also provide energy star home diagnostics that will allow you to keep track of your energy use. They can recommend upgrades that will make your heat pumps more efficient. In addition to offering heat pump services, the professionals at Horizon Services can also help you choose the right air conditioning unit, air conditioning installation, or replacement services to meet your needs.
The professionals at Horizon Services are trained to provide an accurate quote on any indoor unit or heat pump unit that needs to be replaced or repaired. Some common problems associated with heat pumps include leaking refrigerant, compressor overrun, defective or worn out compressors, bad wiring, and faulty or worn out refrigerant hoses. You can also get an estimate on a new indoor unit or a refurbished one, based on your specific needs.
Whether you need Central Air Conditioning or just an energy efficient furnace or air conditioning unit, Horizon Services can provide expert services. Whether you need cooling during the summer months or warm air conditioning in the winter months, the professionals at the company can help you with an array of different heat pump services. Whether you need refrigerant replacement, energy efficiency upgrades, or ductwork repairs, you can count on Horizon Services to offer you the best service options available.
One of the most valuable aspects of using the expertise provided by Horizon Services is the ability to get a fast, professional evaluation of your heat pump needs. Click here for more info about Heat Pump Services. If you need a professional evaluation of your heat pump installation, or if you need your system replaced, the technicians at the company are able to work closely with you to find the most effective solution. You can schedule consultations either by phone or online, depending on your convenience. Horizon technicians are available to answer questions about your heating and cooling system, or any other appliance through a friendly phone consultation. Learn more from

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